TRAKO 2023: Stadler präsentierte Spitzeninnovationen aus Siedlce

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Elektrischer FLIRT-Triebzug für die Serbische Staatsbahn (Srbija Voz) [links] und TANGO NF3-Tram für Sarajevo (Bosnien und Herzegovina). / Quelle: Stadler

An der 15. Internationale Eisenbahnmesse TRAKO in Danzig präsentierte Stadler 2023 einige spannende Innovationen. Das Unternehmen stellte zwei verschiedene Fahrzeugtypen vor, die beide das Potenzial haben, den öffentlichen Nahverkehr in der Region erheblich zu verbessern. Als erstes den FLIRT-Triebzug, welcher für die für die Serbische Staatsbahn (Srbija Voz) hergestellt wurde. Und als zweites die TANGO NF3-Strassenbahn, die für Sarajevo in Bosnien und Herzegowina gebaut wurde.

Komplette Medienmitteilung von Stadler in englischer Sprache:
The 15th International Railway Fair TRAKO is kicking off in Gdańsk, and Stadler has some exciting innovations to showcase this year. The company is presenting two different types of vehicles, both of which have the potential to significantly improve public transport in the region. The first is a FLIRT regional electrical multiple unit manufactured for Serbian Railways. The other is a TANGO NF3 tram built for Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The FLIRT electrical multiple unit for Serbian Railways (Srbija Voz)

At the end of 2021, Srbija Voz and Stadler signed an agreement to deliver 18 FLIRT electric multiple units for use on regional lines throughout Serbia. This is already the third contract Stadler has signed with Srbia Voz. The first was signed in 2014 for 21 FLIRT trains and a second one a year later for three high-speed KISS trains. Stadler delivered the first vehicle within 7 months after the contract signing. The follow-up contract was signed in 2021 after the previous deliveries of FLIRT and KISS train fleets. Building on Stadler’s success in Serbia, these trains have been well-received. The new vehicles will complement the existing fleet of Stadler vehicles operated by Serbian Railways. Stadler is very proud to be part of the renewal of the Serbian Railways fleet.
The FLIRT electrical multiple unit for Serbia features a lightweight aluminium structure, meeting the latest TSI and current crashworthiness standards (EN 15227). The vehicle’s design puts the emphasis on low energy consumption and ease of operation. It was built with environmentally-friendly materials, including water-based paints and a HVAC coolant. Doors feature step-free access throughout the train and single-space formation entrance areas are spacious, allowing passengers to get on and off easily, particularly those with limited mobility or wheelchairs,  bicycles or push-chairs. The vehicle is fitted with air-conditioning, interior and exterior CCTV, as well as visual and audio information systems. It features modern toilets and a platform to aid people with disabilities when boarding. To enhance on-board safety and security, passengers can speak directly to the driver using an intercom. Vehicles are made up of four-units, which are 80.7 m long, can  accommodate up to 473 passengers, and have 244 seats. There is an area for first class passengers with comfortable seats, as well as areas for passengers with reduced mobility. The vehicle has large luggage racks and a vending machine with beverages and snacks. It runs at a maximum speed of 160 km/h.
The TANGO NF3 tram for Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Since 1885, when the first tram arrived in Sarajevo, no new vehicles had been introduced into service. 136 years later, in September 2021, the Ministry of Traffic for Sarajevo Canton and Stadler signed a contract for the delivery a fleet of state-of-the-art TANGO trams. This is Stadler’s first contract in Bosnia and a major sales success for tram projects in the Balkans region. As such, Stadler is part of the historic development of the tram network. Furthermore, the delivery of this new-generation tram, sees Stadler playing an important role in promoting a sustainable, accessible and modern public transport system for Sarajevo.

The new trams enhance passenger comfort and are a game-changer for people with reduced mobility. The project is funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Investment Bank (EIB).

Stadler’s engineers put an emphasis on functionality and modern layout when designing the TANGO NF3 tram for Sarajevo. They have developed a tram that ensures that the travel experience for both passengers and the crew is highly comfortable, while maintaining low operating costs. Fully air-conditioned, the TANGO NF3 has a modular design and an ergonomic driver’s cab. Pivoting bogies with a flexible frame ensures the smooth running of the vehicle, and the arrangement of the doors enables passengers to get on and off quickly and easily. The seat configuration means that journeys are comfortable, even on longer trips in and around  Sarajevo. The vehicle will accommodate up to 180 passengers, and has 79 seats. The uni-directional, three-sectional tram is 31.1 m long, 2.4 m wide and 3.6 m high. The entire tram features low flooring and caters for people with reduced mobility. It reaches a maximum speed of 70 km, with noise kept to a minimum. It is fully compliant with standards and EU regulations.


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  1. Es stimmt nicht daß die Straßenbahn Sarajevo seit 1885 keine neue Wagen beschafft hat. Die 90 Tatra K2YU Gelenkwagen wurden in den 1970er/80er Jahren neu aus der CSSR geliefert.


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